MLM is meant to create freedom – but is this your experience?

Start working smart with an all-in-one tool built for duplication

…and actually start
living your dream!

Who is this tool meant for?

THIS tool is meant for you, MLM LEADER.

Not just another training platform. Not just a management tool. Unicorn is an all-in-one solution that helps you to sell the product, manage your prospects, build and duplicate your team. Want to know HOW?

Unicorn duplication cycle

How do I benefit?

Create real online duplication and reclaim your freedom!

  • Simplify & systematize your work process
  • Insure automated on-boarding and coaching of the new members
  • Reduce distributors’ fears and increase the action taken
  • Insure quality and authenticity of transmitted information
  • Systematize contact management & much more!

Secure constant scaling of your business

Communicate to millions of people at the same time. Create hundreds of new prospects daily. Insure the authenticity and quality of transmitted information inside your team — for this, we have Replicated Landingpages.

Greatly reduce fear of rejection

Reduce fear of rejection and increase conversion rate- professional and recurring webinars held by company leaders to help you explain the values of your product and service to your prospects —  for this we have follow up / webinar solution

Work smart not hard

Be notified to take action at the right time. Simply track your work process. Have an overview of your team´s progress — specially designed CRM and goal setting tool for the needs of Network Marketers.

Achieve the time freedom

Insure automated on-boarding and coaching of the new members with a professional, step-by-step training environment.

How to create Unicorn platform for my team / company?

  1. Get & setup the leader account
  2. Upload quality content
  3. Duplicate & share the platform with your team (marketers)
  4. Marketers share your platform to new marketers as they build teams
  5. You earn commission from all marketers’ subscriptions

Why should I get the leader account?

  • Simplify & systematize your work process
  • Insure automated on-boarding and coaching of the new members
  • Duplicate the platform to your whole team
  • Earn commission on marketers’ subscriptions


leader account

Get everything done in Unicorn style.

  • Free updates
  • 14 days FREE TRIAL for marketers
  • One month FREE SUBSCRIPTION for 3 referrals
  • Leader support
  • Commission on subscriptions – 30%

One time setup fee


Monthly subscription
fee for marketers


Private label

leader account

Get your fully customized leader account.

  • Everything in Unicorn leader account

Extra options:

  • Platform with your branded colors and logo
  • Platform integration to your back office
  • Increased commission up to 50%
  • Integrated & Custom pricing strategy
  • Specific developments on demand

One time setup fee
starting from


Monthly subscription
fee for marketers


Marketer account

  • Join leader’s platform via referral link
  • No need to create content – use replicated platform created by the team leader

9,5 €/month if billed yearly


14 €/month if billed monthly

  • 14 days FREE TRIAL
  • Share platform with your team